May 19, 2005 | Have you noticed that feminist Naomi Wolf is taking a more traditional turn of late? In her new book, The Treehouse, Wolf attributes her mother and father's successful marriage to their old-fashioned tactics: "He courts her every day, and she admires him every day; it may be old-fashioned, but it works. . . . My father decided that my mother was going to be eternally beautiful, and he told her so."

Now, is this the same Naomi Wolf who in 1997, wanted to liberate "the shadow slut who walks alongside us"? Since then, her views seem to have evolved in a very different direction. In October 2003, Wolf penned an interesting article for New York magazine asking men to "turn off the ." As she explained:

I am not advocating a return to the days of hiding female sexuality, but I am noting that the power and charge of sex are maintained when there is some sacredness to it, when it is not on tap all the time. In many more traditional cultures, it is not prudery that leads them to discourage men from looking at ography. It is, rather, because these cultures understand male sexuality and what it takes to keep men and women turned on to one another over time—to help men, in particular, to, as the Old Testament puts it, "rejoice with the wife of thy youth; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times." These cultures urge men not to look at because they know that a powerful erotic bond between parents is a key element of a strong family.

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