March 24, 2006 | Describing herself in People magazine as your "girl-next-door," Molly Sims, 32, says she already regrets her poster-size centerfold in Sports Illustrated's 2006 Swimsuit issue.

Although Molly posed in a tiny diamond bikini, she later commented that she wished it had been bigger: "I wish it was $40 million instead of $30 million [worth of diamonds]."

Indeed, when her crew on the set of Las Vegas asked her to sign her centerfold, Molly simply directed them to "just leave the stack in my trailer. And don't sell them on eBay."

The only puzzling thing is that Molly Sims's official website features many semi-nude photographs of her.

If she's not into posing in the buff, then why does she keep doing it?

Is it false modesty, or--perhaps--is there more than one Molly Sims?

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