July 1, 2005 | Now that "Sex and the City" is over, the truth is trickling out. The star of the show keeps telling the media that "The real me is a lot more subdued and conservative and maybe a little less insecure than Carrie." Parker also confessed to another reporter, Debra Forman, that "I'm a far more modest dresser than my character. I love the person that Carrie has become; it's so different from my own life. I never partied. I dated very few men. I didn't go to clubs. I don't have frank, open discussions about sexual things with my friends. But it has been great fun and challenging, weird and thrilling all at the same time."

Apparently, not thrilling enough for some. Salon criticized Parker for "refusing to get naked" on her show and thus "spoil[ing] the delicate chemistry of 'Sex and the City'": "Of the four, Parker is the only one who routinely wears a bra or 'bedsheet bandeau' during love scenes. The unspoken message is, It's OK for them to take their clothes off, but you won't catch me doing it."

Well, how dare Sarah Jessica Parker refuse to take off her clothes? I mean, what will be next? TV characters who refuse to sleep around? Get with the program, Sarah. These days, stars are expected to disrobe—or else. One can only hope she learned her lesson for her next show.

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