Feb. 15, 2006 | There has been much bluster over the new Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, in which everyone (or at least the women) appear naked, or nearly so. But here at ModestyZone we don’t get what all the fuss is about. Aren’t the women always naked?

The really big deal is that Rachel McAdams, who most recently starred in “Red Eye” stormed out of the cover shoot when she learned that Tom Ford, the issue’s guest editor, expected her to pose nude.

Ford is now suggesting publicly that the 29-year-old actress was “uncomfortable” during the shoot, like she had spinach between her teeth or something.

Guess what, though? It actually takes a lot of personal “comfort” and strength of character to stand up to the likes of Tom Ford, Annie Liebovitz, and a whole arsenal of Vanity Fair staffers who expect you to get naked and stay that way for several hours.

If Rachel keeps this up, we may have to ask her to write for the blog.


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