September 29, 2005 | I was channel switching last night, and I stopped on the show "A Current Affair." It was a piece on Paris Hilton which showed her overtly media efforts including her Carl's Jr. burger TV ad in which she has a sexual experience with soap, sponge and a garden hose. Since airing Paris's burger sex, Carl's stock price has plummeted 30% and the ads have been yanked against the company's wishes.

Paris apparently owns some bar in Florida which sponsored a "Hottest Hottie" contest in which similarly limited blondes were hoping to be the next Paris. This "news story" included interviews with young women who thought Paris was their greatest role model, and then showed her signing autographs for four and five-year-old girls. It all made me ill.

Then Paris says she has taken on an "abstinence" position—wait for sex until you find someone you love. What? Paris? Her image must have gotten so hammered from her Carl ads that her PR boss said to take a conservative position for a while to generate a recovery.

I wish I could believe Paris is sincere, but there doesn't seem to be anything abstinent about a woman who is constantly stripping and promoting sex. The way she said "wait for a man who loves you," it sounded empty as though she was merely a "talking head" for some PR department. A Current Affair claimed something like, "Paris learned the hard way, and is advising girls to do it differently. That does make her a good role model."

I highly doubt Paris has made a turnaround, as she is still constantly walking around in a bra and underwear in front of every camera.

But if she has....she might want to start by canceling her club's "hottest hottie" contest.

The last thing we need is someone feigning sweet innocence while exposing her body like a highly paid media prostitute. In my opinion, it is an extremely destructive mixed-message for young girls.

—Jeannine Kellogg

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