It's no secret that the princess craze is a billion-dollar industry, but at a time when even very young girls' clothing can look trashy, even the most feminist moms are loath to challenge the tyranny of the princess.

Doesn't princess-play, after all, represent innocence?

Enter Kimberly Webb and Susan Johnston, who have written a wonderful new children's book, Princess Bubble, to challenge and expand our girls' notion of "happily ever after." The book is charmingly illustrated by Maria Tonelli. (Among other pictures, readers will surely enjoy viewing our heroine's royal, jewel-encrusted exercise machine.)

With their book, Kim and Susan want to remind us of what we seem to have forgotten: that true happiness comes from within, and results from good deeds: "Living happily ever after is not about finding a prince. True happiness is found by loving God [and] being kind to others. . . ."

You can't get more rebellious than that--and just in time for Valentine's Day too!

Visit the wonderful Princess Bubble site.

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