We've never profiled a mommy before, but Debbie Tenzer is an exceptional lady who calls for exceptional measures.Debbie's background is in advertising and marketing, and her clients have included some of America's most popular brands, such as Columbia Pictures and the Walt Disney Company.

She hails from Los Angeles, where she currently lives with her husband and their three children, and where she can also be heard every Monday morning on a popular radio station (which broadcasts in LA and San Diego).

Debbie has cared about modesty issues for a long time, and often encourages people to speak up about programs they find objectionable. "They can do more than they think," Debbie explains. "When

I was working in advertising I remember one of our clients - Jack in the Box - received ONE letter from a lady who didn't like The Gong Show, and JIB made us instantly yank its whole ad budget from the show."

One day in June 2005, Debbie got the idea to start www.DoOneNiceThing.com to acknowledge people who do nice things for others — the "quiet heroes" who often go unrecognized.

Following the 2004 elections, as Debbie puts it: "Our problems seemed so overwhelming - war, terrorism, crime, AIDS, then of all things a tsunami. I was watching a lot of TV news, and the pundits' screaming was making numb. I felt like a turtle retreating into my shell. Then I rebelled (well, for me). I thought about other times in history that were worse. Remember 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself'? I gave myself a figurative kick in the pants and focused on what I could do."

Debbie didn't know how to end world hunger, but she realized that she could donate some canned food. She couldn't do much about poor schools, but she could send them her kids' old books. LA traffic is always pretty bad, but Debbie saw that she could try to drive more considerately and give a little 'thank you' wave when someone let her into their lane. "I saw opportunities to help all around me."

That's when Debbie committed to doing one nice thing each week. She chose Monday as her "Nice Thing" day because "that's the day that we need help the most."

Each week DoOneNiceThing.com shines the spotlight on one exceptionally kind individual, and invites visitors to submit their own "nice thing" ideas. These are then posted, along with the names and photos of kind people who are nominated.

Kudos to Debbie Tenzer for showing us how to accomplish great things--just by setting aside a bit of time each week.

So far DoOneNiceThing members have:

  • Donated hundreds of free mammograms for women who can't afford them.

  • Cheered nursing home residents with hand-made drawings.

  • Given backpacks to foster children who now have something to carry their
    clothes in as they move from home to home.

  • Sent numerous supportive emails to American soldiers.

  • Donated hundreds of books to libraries, children's hospitals and schools,
    including to schools affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

  • Given thousands of cans of food, frozen turkeys and other food items to food banks for Thanksgiving.

  • Brought dolls, games and other gifts to Starbucks cafes for their holiday "Joy Drive" for seriously ill children.

Do you have a nice thing? Tell the site at www.DoOneNiceThing.com.

If you would like to nominate a Rebel—including yourself—please send a short personal profile and what you are rebelling against to: rebelofthemonth@modestyzone.net. There is no age limit, but high school and college students will be given priority over grandmas, since grandmas, after all, are supposed to be good.

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