No, the phrase "modest designs" is not an oxymoron.

A new website started by Christa Taylor offers clothing that's a bit different than what you'll find in your average department store. This eyelet skirt is cute and just $30.00. The company just launched and they will be adding more clothing soon, but here is how Christa got started:

The company’s dream grew out of a infuriating, yet all too common experience. As a young lady, Taylor encountered weeks of frustrating shopping trips--trying to find something modest and attractive. Finding a modest bathing suit became a long and arduous affair, searching websites and retail stores to no avail. So she went to the drawing board and designed a new swimsuit that satisfied her desire for modesty and style (she calls it "modish:" a blend of modest + "chic").

Christa is also committed to donating "at least 30%" of her company's profits to the poor. All the more reason to buy their suede newsboy hat, we say.

It's not easy starting a company that challenges the mainstream, but Christa, we're behind you.

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