Yes, the Rebel feature is back after the Jewish holidays.

Thanks to Katy Willis, for recommending a great article on modesty from

While perusing the site we realized that Becky who started Stand-up Girl deserves to be a Rebel of the Month.

After an unwanted pregnancy took her by surprise, Becky realized how hard it can be for young women to receive support for their decision to keep the baby. So that's when Becky decided to reach out to other girls.

A recent letter in their forum gives one pause:

(Friday, 13 October 2006) Written by eager
i just registered today because i so deperately need help and advice from people who know what im going 18 and i found out a week ago that i am 6 weeks pregnant and ive always known that i could never get an abortion.ive been living in spain for 8 months and had been with my boyfriend for just over the 6 weeks when i found out.however im due to head home to new zealand in 2 the situation is really complicated.when i told my boyfriend he said that if i didnt abort he never wanted to see me or our baby from that day onward.i feel ripped down the can he just walk away from something that is 50 % his responsibility.i feel so alone.i havent told my parents yet,i dont know how they will react.i know that babies are a miracle and knowing i have a life inside me is all thats getting me through this,but the timing and the father have just made this so hard.if anyone has advice,i dont know what to do financially or how to get through the pain of being betrayed. please help!

Whatever your views on abortion, we can probably all agree that it's a tragedy when a young woman wishes to keep her pregnancy, but has no one to turn to. Thanks Becky, for reminding us of that, and for helping these young women get the support that they need to carry out their choice.

If you would like to nominate a Rebel—including yourself—please send a short personal profile and what you are rebelling against to: There is no age limit, but high school and college students will be given priority over grandmas, since grandmas, after all, are supposed to be good.

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