Nina Marshall, 24, is a female musician who stands for modest performance outfits.

As she explains to ModestyZone, “In today's music world, the less you have on the better. But I do not think that families really want their kids listening to music that has nearly naked females singing it.”

To that end, Nina aims to make good music for the listener, no matter what age, and still have fancy, yet modest performance outfits. (She makes much of her clothing herself.)

Her first Harp CD released in 2004 was and continues to be a hit, so she is now planning her second Harp CD slated for the Fall of 2006.

Nina was born and raised in Illinois by her parents, Neil and Jeanne. She began to study piano at 7 years old, and Violin when she was 15. Harp became an interest when she turned 17 and saw a picture of a harp: "WOW! wouldn't that be neat to play?" she thought.

After doing some research on harps and learning that they were too expensive for her family, her father suggested that she make one.

Not that he sat by idly. Her father actually built a sawmill from scratch to saw up a dead Black Walnut tree in the backyard for the wood, at which point Nina began to research what the next step should be. Then in 1998, Nina’s first 36 string lever harp was completed. But she didn’t yet know how to play it. As she explains, “I started getting calls a month later with people wanting me to perform and tell my story, and I quickly realized that I had better learn the harp well and fast as these nice people were waiting for me to perform!”

Nina now performs for weddings and dinners, as well as teaches music to 35 students aged 3-63 at her private studio. She also builds harps to rent and sell, and in her spare time, loves to arrange music. Someday, she hopes to own a pedal harp so that she can advance in her musical and professional goals.

We asked Nina if it’s true that “modesty doesn’t sell,” and she responded: “Well, if you're 'bad' the media will be all over you and everyone will know who you are, which usually results in more sales. Modesty doesn't get reported on the news so for a modest musician to be known nationally takes more work.”

Still, even “rough & tough electricians” d Nina’s CD, and many men, she says, “pay attention to me because they say ‘You are a true lady.’”

Sounds like Britney’s got some competition!

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Since Nina is Christian, many of her song titles are religious in nature, but they are also instrumental and can be appreciated by all.

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