Cantice Greene is currently completing a Ph.D program in Advanced Composition and Rhetoric at GSU. She became interested in modesty and abstinence during her Junior year in college, and in 1998, she wrote an award-winning screenplay, "Learning to Know," which is the story of a woman returning to abstinence after weighing the consequences of pre-marital sex.

Then, in the Summer of 2005, Cantice started Verge. It sponsors Mr./Miss Verge, a $1000 scholarship for students who are vocal for abstinence and/or Verge related issues on campus; an online network; and a Meals for Moms program that delivers hot meals to new mothers in their first two weeks after delivery.

Today, when she is not busy taking care of her own kids, Cantice volunteers at a local crisis pregnancy center. But mainly Cantice speaks at colleges on the subject of abstinence in college, emphasizing that it is 1.) realistic and 2.) it is students' best choice "physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually." She says that she targets this age group "because I believe that health educators give up on students and abstinence in college--the condom give-aways are out of control."

In fact they are, which is why we salute Cantice Greene for her dedication to young people, and letting them know that they do have a choice.

Update: Check out Cantice's new blog

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