There was not much contest for this month’s award, ever since Lakita Garth recently became a “Mrs.”

Some of you may know Lakita, 36, as a talented singer and an eloquent speaker; others, as a runner-up to Miss Black America.

Either way, as someone who grew up with eggs being thrown at her in school because she wasn’t sleeping around, Lakita Garth is a pretty inspiring woman to have on our planet.

Lakita was born into a community that Money magazine once called “the most dangerous place in America to live” and “the worst place to raise kids.” Her grandfather, a pastor, was preparing to teach Sunday school in the now-famous Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama when a bomb went off, tragically killing four little girls.

Lakita is the youngest of five children and was raised by her widowed mother who instilled in her children the same sense of responsibility she grew up with during the civil rights movement in the segregated South.

As a child, Lakita grew up watching her grandfather walking two miles every day to talk to her grandmother’s headstone. One day she asked him why, and he simply said, “because your grandmother was my best friend.” They had lived together for 70 years, and it was in search of a love like her grandparents’ that Lakita eventually made a commitment to be a virgin until marriage—a commitment which she kept until her wedding night on August 12th, 2005.

Noting that the majority of African-American females end up pregnant before marriage, Lakita wanted to be different. “Free love means free from responsibility,” she says, and that was something she never wanted: “I don’t get it, if you’re going to hire someone to clean your toilet, you need references and you need a real name, but not to take off all your clothes and ?”

“People say, ‘tell us how hard it was...’ Well, it wasn’t that hard!” As she explains, “It’s easy to do something when you have conviction.”

Although exhausted from all the wedding plans, honeymoon, and the move across country to her new home in Chicago, Lakita recently appeared on ABCs' “The View” for their season opener.

She reports that she “absolutely loves married life,” and we at Modesty Zone can only wish her and her husband continued happiness, and every blessing in their new life together.

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