We don't usually print emails as they're sent in, but this one was so touching that we thought it said it all.

"My role model has to be my 22-year-old daughter Heidi, she is the epitome of what every young woman should be. She has a very calm demeanor, she dresses modestly, attends a University and has chosen to devote the rest of her life to caring for others when she receives her BS in Nursing in December 07. She has respect for herself and for our world. She has volunteered to help those in need. I never had problems involving her when she became a teen. She has never spoken to me with words that she would regret. Although I have made mistakes, she acknowledges that I am her Mother and she loves me and that I am okay.

She believes in a positive attitude, that it makes a difference in our World today. She worked, bought her car, and paid insurance at the age of 16. Heidi is a very hard worker, works full time while working on her Nursing degree. She even managed to save and save her money instead of "hanging out" with her friends and eventually rented her own beautiful apartment. Still, she is a good friend to her friends and respects and receives respect from her boyfriend. She has a 4-year-old sister that she is going to be the greatest role model for. On top of all that, she is beautiful too. I nominate my daughter Heidi. She has blessed our family from the day she arrived into this world."

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