Several readers have pointed out a really interesting story in this month’s Glamour magazine: “No One Should Have to Be a Stripper,” by Sheila Weller.

It’s about an ex-stripper and UCLA grad named Harmony who started an outreach program to help other strippers escape “the life.” She starts off by bringing them goody bags at the clubs and telling them that they are loved, that their value is "beyond rubies." As one reader, Jill, wrote in to ModestyZone:

“Harmony saw what the 'profession' did to her life and self esteem. She realized how it hardens their hearts. Helping these women find a new, modest, worthwhile job and getting them off drugs is very admirable. I think creating awareness for this program can do nothing but good! Thanks for considering her!”

We have, and indeed, it’s hard to find someone who is more worthy of this month’s title than Harmony, now a social worker with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, and the founder of Treasures Out of Darkness, a nonprofit group devoted to helping strippers turn their lives around.

Sexually molested at a young age, Harmony found it hard to develop a sense of self, but today--with 100 volunteers--she helps other women find theirs.

But one telling detail emerges from her Glamour profile. After Harmony struggled financially while in college, she heard from a male classmate that stripping was very lucrative. When she put her dilemma to a male teacher she trusted, not only did the professor encourage her to start stripping, but he even went as far as to ask casually “which club?” as she was leaving. Harmony only recalled his question months later, when she spied him in the audience as she was contorting herself in the nude. “I was devastated,” she admitted.

Since this is not the first young woman we have heard of, asking a male teacher whether to take up stripping, we feel compelled to speak up on this point.

Ladies, the question of whether to strip is perhaps best put to one’s female professor.

Unless, of course, that professor happens to be Camille Paglia.

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