Exciting news--a new magazine was just launched on June 23rd, for women who want to be "stylish, sexy, and still keep high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle." It's called ELIZA.

Born from a desire to find stylish and modest clothing for herself, model and actress Summer Bellessa created ELIZA Magazine to create a place for fashionable modest clothing to shine. “I wished there was a magazine on the market to tell me where to find great modest fashion, that was both hip and stylish,” Bellessa said.

After researching the magazine buying habits of their 17-to-34 year old target market, Bellessa said she found that women practicing faiths with strict standards of dress buy the same amount of fashion magazines than their counterparts who don’t have such restrictions. “But, often these magazines focus on the opposite of what they believe in, especially regarding modest dress,” Bellessa said. She claims that these women want to know what’s going on, what’s stylish--to find clothing they would be comfortable wearing to work and be uplifted--but never had a good resource.

Certainly, there are many mainstream women who would love to have these tips without all the dubious advice that's presented as fact in so many women's magazines today. So the ELIZA team is trying to cut out the negative aspects of the fashion magazines and celebrity-driven media, but keep some of the glamour. Bellessa summed it up by saying, “keep the good stuff like great pictures and fashion and beauty tips, but get rid of the negative.”

From their press release:

"In a media culture that frequently objectifies and commercializes women and their bodies, ELIZA strives to provide an alternative to the current mainstream media that emphasizes sex and skin in order to push products or sell magazines. ELIZA magazine was created for women who want high-fashion that encourages and inspires them to value their bodies, providing hip and current styles that enhance the whole woman. Each issue will provide exciting and informative features in Fashion, Beauty, Health, Entertainment, and Lifestyle—encouraging each woman to invest in themselves, engage in the world, and live her best life."

Great job, Summer; we wish you and the magazine much success.


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