Barlowgirl is a band made up of three sisters: Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. They have been at it for almost 4 years, and write songs "about the journey that God has taken them on in their lives." Their main topics include "trusting God, purity, and our stand on not dating."

Did they just say not dating? That's right, check out their website: "We believe that God has one perfect man already chosen for us; therefore we have no need to worry ourselves in searching for him. When the time is right we know God will bring us together. In the meantime we are not hiding in a closet avoiding all males. We are still living our lives, just without the pressure of having to have a boyfriend."

They are countercultural in other ways, too: "In a world that constantly bombards us with impurity and immodesty, we feel called to take a stand against what the world is telling us is acceptable. Especially in the area of clothing and modesty." Oh, and....their music is pretty cool too!

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