Dec. 13, 2005

Dear Wendy,

What do you think of the phenomenon of "Pajama Days" in elementary, junior high and even high school? Kids and even teachers come to school dressed in their PJ's and do "what ever"....The purported reasons include: builds school spirit, is a "great fundraiser”...and more.

Is there a relationship between ography and the "celebration” of kids, preteens and adults cavorting around school in their ? (Oh, excuse me, "Pajamas"..."comfortable clothes"?)

My 8 year old daughter said, "no way, I'm not wearing my pajamas to school.” Only three kids in her class of 19 DID NOT wear their PJs. Last year in our District Junior High, teachers were giving "extra credit" to students who wore the "slippers" with their jammies. Since then, the administration has banned
slippers "for safety reasons".

Our district recently had a case of "teacher caught with on his computer".

This teacher taught at the school where the 8th graders were wearing their pajamas to school.

What do you think?

Mom in her Lanz of Salzburg Nightgown


Dear Mom,

I don’t know if a precise statistical connection can be established between that teacher and the Pajama Days, but I don’t see how pre-teens going to school in pajamas helps anything.

We have clearly lost all semblance of the distinction between public and private realms.

Curiously, the popularity of “pajama days” has now spread beyond public schools. Even Catholic schools are not immune to the Pajama Bug. It does make me wonder: what happened to singing songs at Pep Rallies, making up skits, and the like? Ah, yes, I know--kids today are far too sophisticated for such shenanigans, we are told. But playing the game of whose PJs are cooler-looking only makes the cynicism (and competitiveness) worse.

Can you perhaps band together with other parents and try to say nightie-night to the nighties?

All my best,



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