December 10, 2006

Dear Wendy and co.,

I was wondering if any of you have seen the episode of Extreme Makeover in which a young woman named Christine-- a bit of a late bloomer-- admitted to never having been kissed. During the course of the show, the makeover staff tackled not just the usual cosmetic surgery, liposuction, makeup, hair, and wardrobe, but also her romantic issues: a relationship coach was brought in to give her a basic lesson in how to kiss. A nice-looking young man acted as an assistant, and a few moments later, Christine had her first kiss. Although she said that the experience was even better than she'd thought (and the young man said he'd be glad to help her out with it again), I couldn't help but think that she'd been swindled. Instead of a first kiss with someone who knew and cared for the person she was, she got one from a relative stranger, chosen for her by other strangers, and administered on camera for posterity. I should also mention that she was still wearing bandages from her recent plastic surgery. Not exactly the situation I would have chosen for a confidence-challenged young woman-- or for any woman, for that matter.

Have you or any of the modbloggers seen this? Do you have any reactions?


Cathy K

Cathy, you have really said it all. This is such an interesting example of innocence as a pathology. In Japan they have impersonal virginity-ridding "clinics" for women who haven't managed to lose their virginity by their late 20s. The women pay strangers--whom they are, needless to say, not attracted to--to deflower them, much as they would pay for a plastic surgery operation.

Hopefully our culture will self-correct before we get to that point!

Here's hoping,


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